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среда, 15 июля 2015 г.

Парфюмерные находки: 9 ароматов от Comptoir Sud Pacifique!

На этой неделе я расскажу вам о целых девяти ароматах французского нишевого бренда Comptoir Sud Pacifique, творения которого вдохновлены полинезийским островом Моту и экзотическими путешествиями!
Musc & Rose
Vanille Passion
Bois de Filao
Eau des Lagons
Aqua Motu Intense
Jardin Neroli
Jasmine Poudre
Epices Sultanes
Vanille Banane
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Цены ароматов: от 45 евро за 30 мл на сайте марки, от 32 долларов за 30 мл на
Ароматы предоставлены на тестирование маркой Comptoir Sud Pacifique.

Hi! I recently had an opportunity to try some new Comptoir Sud Pacifique scents, and i want to share my brief impressions! Every fragrance is very sophisticated and outstanding and has a complex niche vibe. I loved the idea that the brand suggests to layer them! My favourites are Aqua Motu Intense, Eau des Lagons and Vanille Passion (i owned it before, and i love it!), i also feel that all the fragrances are very warm despite the cool notes in some of them, and every fragrance could also be worn by men. My least favorite is Vanille Banane (which i owned before) because of it's simplicity and overwhelming sweetness. I also think that Jasmin Poudre and Musc & Rose could be a wonderful gift as they are very understandable for people who aren't interested in fragrances. In other words, new series feels very modern and is a good addition to CSP collection! I also loved the style of new packaging - it is very cool that the shapes and overal feel of the flacons and boxes stays the same despite the fact that they are made of other materials and feel more contemporary now.

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